Is it time for a new sewing machine, or are you interested in buying a sewing machine for the first time? You can create endless things with a sewing machine, and for many, this is an excellent hobby. You can sew both clothes, home furnishings, and gifts – but also make holes and put on trousers. There are several different sewing machines to choose from, and here we help you choose the right one.

This is how a sewing machine works?

A sewing machine sews with two threads simultaneously and consists of a bobbin thread and an upper thread. The upper thread makes a loop which the lower one is then threaded through. The sewing machine has a conveyor belt that moves the fabric forward after each stitch.

Advantages of a sewing machine

A sewing machine is a practical machine that you have benefited from for many years, and there are many reasons to buy one. Here are some of the benefits!

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Creative hobby

With the best sewing machine for monogramming, you can easily get an outlet for your creativity, and it is an excellent hobby. Both for yourself and maybe others you sew for. You get a more personal home if you sew your curtains, pillowcases, and tablecloths and a unique style if you sew your clothes.

More efficient and more choices

If you compare it with sewing by hand, it is faster to use a sewing machine. You also have more options if the machine has different functions and seams.

More environmentally friendly

The sewing machine can sew both clothes and furnishings for your home, but also make clothes. By sewing your clothes or extending the life of broken clothes, you are more environmentally conscious.

Sewing machine for professionals or beginners?

There are sewing machines that are more or less advanced. If you are a beginner or do not need advanced settings, a more straightforward sewing machine with fewer seams and accessories can be a good alternative. If, on the other hand, you are looking for an advanced sewing machine with many functions that can handle thicker fabrics, you should also choose a more high-quality sewing machine. A more expensive sewing machine often has more functions and is better if you sew more often or make more advanced creations.

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Different kinds of sewing machines

When you buy a sewing machine, you will come across several different models. Here are the most common!

Mechanical sewing machines

If you are looking for a lighter sewing machine, a mechanical sewing machine can be a good alternative. It is a sewing machine you set up manually. You select stitch and stitch settings using knobs and knobs. A mechanical sewing machine may have a lower price, but some very high-quality models cost more.

Electronic sewing machine

An electronic sewing machine is a machine where you use buttons or a touch screen to set things like the stitches’ length and width. There are usually more options and more advanced technology, but they are also simpler than a mechanical sewing machine, which means that many beginners choose these.

Computerized sewing machines

A computerized sewing machine is even more advanced than an electronic sewing machine. This means you do not have to set anything manually, but you select stitches on display. The functions are many, and this model is suitable for you who are used to sewing and who will use the sewing machine often. With a computerized sewing machine, there are no limits to how creative you can be.

Overlock machine

An overlock machine is a good complement to your regular sewing machine. The difference between a traditional sewing machine and an overlock machine is that it sews together, overturns, and cuts the fabric’s edges in one and the same step. This way, you do not have to cut or zigzag the edges before you start sewing. It is especially good when sewing in elastic fabrics.

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Several types of sewing machines

There are even more machines that you can supplement your sewing machine with. A overlock machine is suitable for sewing cover seams and elastic hems. An embroidery machine gives you a wide range of decorative options. A quilting machine is used for decorative quilting or quilting with filling material between the fabric layers.


The sewing machine has several features that you can compare to find the right sewing machine for your purpose.


How fast a sewing machine can sew is measured in stitches per minute. A good sewing machine for home use can sew from 850 up to 1000 stitches per minute, while one used in industry can handle up to nine times more. The higher the capacity, the faster it is possible to sew.

Seams and buttonholes

The stitches of the sewing machine are preset, which gives even stitches. It is also possible to set how long and wide the stitches should be. The more advanced a sewing machine is, the more seams it has. Then you also have more choices to be creative through various pre-programmed embroidery. If you plan to sew buttonholes for shirts and other clothes with buttons, the sewing machine also needs to do this. How the buttonhole is made can also vary depending on which sewing machine you choose.

Fri arm

It is good if the sewing machine has a free arm function that makes it easier when, for example, you are sewing in sleeves and around the neckline.

Presser’s feet

A sewing machine can have several different presser feet – check which models come with the sewing machine. It is also good if it is possible to adjust the presser foot pressure depending on the thickness of the fabric you are working with.

How to pull a sewing machine

Once you know how to thread a sewing machine, it’s easy. Most sewing machines have a spool that sits under the needle, and here you attach the bobbin thread. Attach the upper thread to the top of the sewing machine and then insert it into the needle’s eye. Some sewing machines have an automatic needle threader to make it even easier. Before starting the sewing machine, also fish the bobbin thread from the bobbin.

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