Fitness at home, which should be part of our everyday lives. Today’s life, for the most part, is now sedentary. This means that we spend most of the day sitting in a chair. In recent decades, this way of life is the most prevalent. Thus, at the same time, there is an increase in population and weight on average and corresponding effects on our health.

It is now imperative that we practice for at least half an hour every day. This exercise can be as simple as walking or something more intense like a workout in a gym or a sport.

What Mat to Choose for Home Exercise

What Mat to Choose for Home Exercise

Because You Have to

Exercise is synonymous with a healthy lifestyle. This makes perfect sense as the benefits to our health are enormous. Exercise reduces fat around the abdomen, which, unlike accumulated fat elsewhere, increases the chances of developing diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. It is not easy to reduce fat at this point, so it takes a lot of effort, especially aerobic exercise.

Exercise is also necessary for our psychic health. How is this done? When we exercise, we produce endorphins. Endorphins have sedative properties and reduce stress. Also, in some exercises such as yoga, our attention is focused on our breathing & our heartbeat. As a result, we do not think about other things that might stress us out.

Something More Important

Another advantage of exercise is that it helps the heart function more efficiently. We must not forget that the heart is a muscle. Like a muscle, if it does not exercise, its inactivity weakens it. But even half an hour of walking is enough to strengthen our heart and function better by supplying oxygen-rich blood to all the organs of our body. Exercise also reduces the risk of heart problems that increase as we get older, such as hypertension and high blood triglycerides.

It also improves the levels of good cholesterol, which protects us from cardiovascular disease. Another significant result of exercise is that it improves blood circulation. Over time, our blood vessels and arteries lose their elasticity; they become stiffer, making them harder to dilate to carry more blood and oxygen to the various organs and increase blood pressure. Even simple stretching or yoga helps the blood vessels and arteries regain their elasticity and improves circulation.

Gymnastics at Home

Everyone can do gymnastics in many places, both outside the house and inside. So if you want to avoid the monthly expenses of going to the gym, you can also exercise at home. There are two ways to do this. One is to follow a fitness guide from Youtube that you can find on this channel by clicking here or investing a little money on some equipment.

The equipment for gymnastics

The available space in your home is the key to proper organization & fitness. When it comes to choosing home fitness equipment and tools, be aware that there are many options available. Options that can meet all the family’s needs and find exactly what everyone needs to improve their physical condition.

The home gym gives you all the exercise options of fitness equipment. You can reproduce the same exercises that are available in a Fitness center, such as chest presses, biceps bends, pulley pulls, etc.

A home gym is designed to increase muscle strength, strengthen and stimulate muscles, improve cardiorespiratory endurance and fitness, improve flexibility, improve body composition by increasing muscle tissue while reducing fatty tissue.

Finally, exercise will offer you the more extraordinary athletic ability and better overall health. Prepare, look and feel great after you start training with home gym equipment. These are the first results you will get when you start exercising at home!


In addition to the equipment, you should also pay attention to the floor of the place you exercise. It would be good not to have the floor bare. There is a severe risk of having a fall accident if there is sweat or water under it, which is very likely in such a place. The floor surface is slippery, so there may be a fall with injury. For this reason, we suggest that you put it on a carpet and depending on the exercise you do a small mattress for exercise. The best Colore Colori solution is the twist carpets.

Colore Colori Twist carpets are made of high-strength polyamide yarns. This makes them dense but also ideal for intense exercise. The presence of a carpet is ideal for stopping the steps, reducing accidents from slips and falls. They provide safety protection for the whole family, especially for infants and the elderly. In case of a fall, it minimizes any injuries since it absorbs a significant part of the body’s force.

See all the twists and take advantage of the discount on their purchase!

Remember that Colore Colori is the only carpets in the USA with valid written certifications from the strictest institutions and the only one with a two-year warranty! But we do not end here! We are the only company that replaces your carpet for free in case of fire, and we change you, if your needs change, without cost the dimensions later.

That’s why we say that with Colore Colori, you know where you are going!


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