In our buying guide, we will talk about the most relevant features of the exercise mat. Do you want to know what those characteristics are? We will discuss extra dimensions, thickness, material, and accessories. You will have a basic and complete class on exercise mats soon!

Follow our buying guide below to stay on top of the subject. By choosing a quality product, you can have wonderful experiences during yoga, pilates, or any other physical exercise!

choose Exercise Mat for Carpet for You

Carpet Material

Exercise mats may differ from each other in terms of their composition. Some rugs are finished in PCV or EVA. This material has excellent adhesion and is affordable. On the other hand, EVA does not have a water and sweat absorption system and can cause harm to the environment.

The BNR and TPE rubber models are ecological, with no toxins and heavy materials in their composition. In general, these rugs are also non-slip, biodegradable, and absorb liquids, such as water and sweat. They also block the proliferation of fungi and other microorganisms.

There are also yoga eco-friendly mat models, which have a 100% biodegradable, ecological coating and which helps to preserve the environment. They have natural rubber (latex) and cotton lining, which provides more comfort for the athlete.

You need to buy a model according to your tastes and needs. If you want a cost-effective and ecological product, we have the perfect solution in our ranking, for example! But if you are looking for a more affordable product, we also have this item on our list!


There are several dimensions for an exercise mat for carpet, and you must choose the one that best suits your size. Therefore, before purchasing the product, check your measurements and purchase exercise mats that have dimensions that provide comfort for you during your workout.

Most carpet models are 170 cm tall, perfect for those who are around 1.70 to 1.80 m. In general, they also have a width of between 60 and 70 cm, offering the perfect dimension for your yoga or pilates training.

We recommend that, if you are transporting the carpet regularly, opt for lighter models. There are carpets that weigh less than 1 kg, yet they have the right size and provide comfort for the consumer.

Also, be sure to check the thickness of the product. The greater the thickness, the better! This is because the level of thickness indicates that the mat is comfortable or not for yoga training. So, take your questions about the size before purchasing the rug!

Extra Accessories

We recommend that you buy a exercise mat that comes with a bag or carrying strap regarding the extra accessories. These items are excellent for those who regularly transport the carpet, taking it from home to the gym, for example.

In addition to these accessories, we recommend that you give preference to non-slip floor mats. Products that have non-slip texture prevent accidents – such as slips – and provide more safety for training. They are excellent because they help to improve your performance during physical activity.

It is worth mentioning that some mats models have two sides: one with a soft and comfortable coating that should be used during training, and the other rougher, with non-slip technology that adheres better to the ground and prevents slipping. These models are perfect!

Finally, we recommend that you buy carpets with a flexible structure. These models can be folded and easily transported by the consumer. This generates more practicality for everyday life, which provides greater satisfaction for the consumer. Therefore, give preference to these exercise mat models.


The design is another aspect that you can check out on the exercise mat. There are models of a single color and others colored with designs or prints. In general, these drawings refer to the practice of yoga, such as mandalas, etc. And patterned rugs could be good options if you find the pattern you like when doing yoga!

If you want a more discreet item, we recommend buying a single color model, such as red, blue, or yellow; however, if you don’t want to skimp on style and draw attention during training, bet on the models’ designs and full colors.

Both models are great, so it’s up to you to choose the option that best meets your needs! For example, in our ranking, it is possible to find carpets of all models, colors, and types. Just choose the best option!


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