Garmin Connect App Review: Garmin Connect is an app for walking or running for beginner that allows you to connect your smartphone to your Garmin device and send notifications between them.

The application interface is similar to competitors – there is the main screen showing all the most important on the first screen – the number of steps taken, calories burned and sleep statistics, and many internal screens.

Garmin Connect App Review

At the top right, you can find a calendar icon that allows you to view your home screen performance over the past few days. The data on the main screen can be turned on / off and swapped – quite handy if you just don’t need some metrics. 

On the top left, you can find an icon that opens the main menu:

  • The control panel is the main screen itself, which we described above.
  • A news feed showing your progress and (as I understand it) your friends’ successes (if you have any).
  • Alerts: I think there is no need to describe what this section is for.
  • Fitness is the most extensive section of the app, showing all the stats, leaderboards, and records you need. There are even achievements, and if you love them on Treshbox, you will most likely love them in this application as well – note that you cannot find a complete list, and to understand why you can get them, you will have to work hard.
  • Golf: I don’t know how popular it is in Russia, but there is also a section for golfers. You can load fields and celebrate your progress in the game. I have not seen such functionality in other applications, and this is an obvious plus.
  • The social activity point allows you to search for friends, join groups and see how your profile looks to others.
  • The Connect IQ Store menu item gives you access to additional functionality, such as dials for your watch. For example, you can download a special menu that displays nine indicators of your condition for jogging.
  • Through “Devices,” you can view the status of all your devices and manage them.
  • And finally, in the settings, you can change personal information, set privacy settings, select units of measurement, and log out of your account.

Of course, do not forget about the help point, which answers all the user’s questions. It is important to note that the application is available both on the phone and on the PC, while the latter provides more detailed training analysis graphs. 

After synchronizing the application with the gadget, open the profile settings with training sections. You choose the zones and training calendar that best suit you.

Here you can also find reports on the distance traveled for a certain point in time / personal achievements/progress, etc.


We didn’t have any problems while using the application, so if you want to figure it out – just follow the instructions on the screen and don’t worry – if anything, the help section will always come to the rescue.

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