We provide the best anti-noise earplugs and hearing protectors that protect the hearing from exposure to loud noise, creating a real barrier between the heating system and the sound waves generated by the noises.

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with CRAI, Italy’s leading manufacturer of earplugs and hearing protectors for all situations.

The most appropriate form of hearing protection for you is determined by the level of noise exposure, the length, and frequency of use of the protection, as well as the required level of comfort.

Anti-noise earplugs and hearing protectors for every situation

Earplugs allow a reduction of external noise ranging from 20 to about 35 dB (the decibel – dB – is the unit of measurement of sound intensity). The reduction of noise is strictly dependent on the type of material with which they are built (the higher the quality, the greater the reduction) and whether they are custom built. The latter are the ones that reach the maximum level of acoustic insulation.

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For hearing protection, we have looked for a line that brings all the best technologies into play. The know-how acquired in the treatment of hearing loss, commonly known as deafness, has allowed us to identify increasingly efficient systems in hearing protection.

The mission of CRAI products is to drastically reduce technopathy and hearing losses due to exposure to harmful noises in any environment. Here are the main models available.

Anti-noise earplugs

Tailor-made hearing protection ensures greater safety at work on companies, construction sites as well as for hobbies and crafts. This tailor-made construction is particularly recommended if the hearing protection is worn for prolonged periods: annoying injuries are thus a distant memory.

Caps for the shooting range and hunting

The new generation of electronic hearing protectors allows the automatic and selective reduction of harmful noise. A concentrate of the highest technology combined with exceptional protection. Comfort and lightness, free to converse and listen to all sounds, but without giving up protection!

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Caps for pool and swimming

The swimming caps, designed specifically for the pool and to swim, bathe and shower, have the specific function of preventing the penetration of water into the ear canal. They completely block the water outside the ear. The material they are made of allows them to float, thus avoiding losing the ear protectors in the pool and also made with bright colors to be visible in the water in case of loss.

Caps for sleeping and relaxing

The plugs to sleep and relax are ideal for a peaceful sleep when you live in a noisy environment, in the vicinity of railway stations, airports, bars, and clubs open until late at night or just when you sleep with someone who snores. The material, a super soft silicone, once worn adheres perfectly to the ear canal, isolating from external sounds.

Custom-made earplugs and hearing protectors

To create tailor-made earplugs, the technician casts the ear canal with a silicone-based compound, which solidifies a few minutes after insertion. The whole procedure is harmless and painless. The exact execution of all the steps is fundamental because the greater the adherence of the hearing protectors to the ear canal, the greater the noise reduction will be.

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