Yes, it is possible to lose weight without going on a diet or putting on your sneakers. And also, you are going to love our proposals.

7 things you can do to effortlessly burn calories

Although diet and exercise are determinants of weight loss, there are many other things you can do to boost your metabolism, some as relaxing as taking a hot bath.

Take a very hot bath

What do you fancy more, going to the gym or getting into a bathtub full of foam? Well, you’re in luck because research conducted at Loughborough University studying the effects of different exercises on type 2 diabetes found that spending an hour in very hot water (40 degrees) had the same effect as a 30-minute walk you burned the participants 140 calories. Of course, we do not recommend trying this technique in the summer if you do not want to suffer from fainting.

Take protein

We do not mean that you do a diet only based on proteins like Dukan, but you include them in all your meals. Simply digesting food helps burn calories, and protein is the most energy-intensive macronutrient – they need 20-30 percent of the calories in food to be digested, compared to 5-15 percent. They need hydrates. But all in the right measure, if you go over protein, you can overload the kidneys.

Drink green tea

Another calorie-burning gesture that won’t require movement. Of course, you have to drink only the tea, and it does not work if you accompany it with a piece of cake. The catechins in green tea increase the combustion power of food and help break down fat, so it is advisable to take it after meals. A study of obese Thai men showed that those who drank green tea burned an average of more than 183 calories a day. And if you drink matcha tea, you will increase the benefits since it is less stimulating than normal tea and provides many more antioxidants.

Are you restless?

The feet, the legs, the fingers are you one of those who do not stop moving even when sitting? Does that make those around you nervous, especially your coworkers? Well, you have good reasons not to stop doing it because that constant movement, according to a study by the Mayo Clinic published in 2005, can make you lose up to 350 calories a day and help you combat a sedentary lifestyle.

Give you an infrared sauna

It’s all the rage in Los Angeles. New York, where celebrities like Selena Gomez flock to spas like Shaped House or Higher Dose to slip into infrared suits that they say can burn 800 to 1,600 calories in a 55-minute session. As explained from Shaped House, infrared rays are not seen. Still, they penetrate the skin safely, increasing body temperature to make you sweat, increasing the burning of calories, having a detox effect, producing endorphins, increasing energy, and providing more beautiful skin. Reality? There are no conclusive studies that support this technique, and we do not recommend abusing the traditional sauna either since it will only produce a momentary loss of weight due to the loss of fluids, and with it, mineral salts.

Clean your house

There’s no harm in coming: if you’ve been neglecting your home lately, cleaning and tidying up can help you burn about 100 calories per hour you can use some of the Best Calorie Counter App to count your daily calories. We know that it is not the most appetizing but being active at home, even if it is placing your cabinets, will help you much more to maintain your line than lying on the sofa to watch TV. And if your house has stairs, you could do intervals that combine five or ten minutes doing a chore, like vacuuming or scrubbing the floor, with “cardio and tone sets” taking the steps two at a time. Have you suddenly had a huge urge to go to the gym? We understand it perfectly.


Is there something more palatable to lose weight? A study from the University of Chicago has shown that sleeping through the night, that is, about 8.5 hours, helps you burn more fat. But it will also help you even if you are not on a diet, since sleep is necessary to regulate the hormonal system, and with this, the hunger mechanism, which gets out of control when we sleep little due to increased levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger, reduces energy expenditure and favors the accumulation of fat.

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