A mug for every mood and all of them ideas for confinement! Fun, inspiring, or perfect for difficult mornings, mugs are – especially now – essential for a more homely routine.

If you anticipate a complicated day at work or really need that extra motivation, look for a mug that matches your mood and receive a new day in style.

7 Mugs to Show at Zoom Meetings

We have collected the coolest mugs of the moment to collect, offer or taste your favorite drink.

1. ‘Mornings Are For Coffee & Contemplation’ mug, $12.39 on sale at Fnac.

2. ‘This Is My Good Side’ Mug, $9.90, Unkind.

3. ‘Nope’ mug, $11.20.

4. ‘Girl Power’ mug, $6.95, on sale.

5. Mug ‘I Just Want To Hang Out With My Dog,’ $9.99, Bairro Arte

6. You’re Pure Magic Mug, $1.99, Home Space

7. Mug ‘You Have Talent To Triumph Anytime,’ $13.95, Mr. Wonderful


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